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Wanted to share an article....

It is about one man's response to the horrific school shootings.  He brought his bulldog to Newtown to give out hugs to the grieving people there.  I thought it was a touching story admidst the terrible events that occurred.  I'm a special Ed teacher and my students are around the same ages as the victims, so this was especially sobering and upsetting to me.  Anyway just wanted to share and hope you guys find it touching too.  Our bullies do bring a lot of love wherever they go!


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I read this and got a tear in my eye.

He was such a nice man to do this. The hug of a sweet dog is so healing. Some dogs were made to herd sheep. Bulldogs were made to be hugged.

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tears won't stop

tears won't stop running...what a lovely thought!

huggles snd smoochies truman

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What a wonderful thing to do

I'm sure he's had a bigger impact that even he knows.

Nice going, Truman!

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I read this and couldn't stop wonderful of him.

Hugs are important


Ashley, Baron and Duchess

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This is what being kiss by a bulldog is all about.

They are Hero's in my Book. 



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I grieve with those families in Connecticut.

What a tragic loss of life. I taught K-4 at a small private school for a while...I simply can't imagine wanting to hurt one of those little kids. They are all precious.

This man sure put it well...he just sat speechless and let the people who needed it most hug his sweet little bully boy. How wonderful for him to help them in that way.


Amy and Sophia

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Nice response from that guy and his bully. I've thought

about taking my Otis to a local nursing home to let him spread some love there.  He loves the attention anyway, might as well let him share his love with some of those that need it.