walking my pup bulldog

hi ive just joined and was wondering if anyone had any tips as when i take my pup outside she breathes really quickly and seems to panic she is 11 weeks old

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Congrats on your baby

I have never had a bulldog puppy. But a lot of people on here has so I know they can help you. Just wanted to say hi and welcome to BDW. 



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A few questions and comments

First, 11 weeks is really young.  So it's a bit normal that she's intimidated by the "big world".  I would tend to keep her close to home at first, just walking around your yard.  Get her used to feeling safe outside.  Then gradually take widen the field.

Now, about the heavy breathing.  That could be nerves.  But it could also be that she has a pallet issue, meaning that her pallet is a bit too long for her smashed-in face.  When she gets even a bit excited, this may cause her to have trouble breathing.  That might be why she is out of breath.

You DON'T want her getting overheated.  That can be very dangerous and even fatal.  I don't mean to scare you but if she's always out of breath, you might want to have her pallet checked out at the vet's.

Please keep us posted!