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Vet is trying to bully me into rabies shot for 9 yr old bully...

All I want to do is get kibbys nails cut... But no... The receptionist says she has to get it again to 'protect' the vet techs.  Kibby barely leaves the house and doesn't even like talking to other dogs.  I am supposed to meet with the vet tmrw to discuss this... What bs! I think I need a new vet,or am I over reacting? What's the law in CA regarding rabies? It's not like they don't see Kibby like every other month when something is wrong with her... I swear I pay all their mortgages! Sorry, just venting!


sincerely, christine

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Rabies shot

Every 3 years. Unfortunately it is law in most states. When did she have the last shot? If she has had the shot 3 times over her life time she more then likely has enough antibodies built up. Studies are showing that just 1 shot last a dogs entire life. I just read an article that provided these studies and graphed all the shots given and the avg number of years they are good for. It's such a racket.

I wouldn't .....

I don't give rabies vaccinations anymore to those over 7/8 years.  Before that they only get it every 3 years because it's required by law and I do take them out a lot.  My vet respected this and stopped asking me.   Talk to your vet--the staff is only repeating the policy there. 

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Zapper will be 8 in August and my vet wants to give him..

a 3 year rabies shot. I said no and when the county (animal control) contacts me I will again say no.




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I say NO WAY!

No more Rabies shots even tho law is every 3 years. If Vet does not respect your wishes, go find another that will!

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I think it was Lynne who said it best to me once

My dog, My way. the dog doesn't get anything I don't want it too. If the vet doesn't like it find a new one.


Cory & Penelope