Off to the vet...

This weekend we had Fred at a Friends house... They have a bully too! They were both on leashes so they weren't fighting or playing rough.. It was only about 70 degrees out and he was in the shade - actually by a pool and drinking water and eating ice.. he was fine... Then all of a sudden he started breathing heavy, so we took him into the house and then it got worse.. He sounded like he was all congested and full of phlegm. We left right away and got him some lemon on the way home... it sounded like it was breaking up somewhat.. when we got him he drank a little water.. we put him in a the cool tub in case he was over heating.. It didn't seem to help, so we put him back in the car and off the emergency animal hospital. By the time we got there he was breathing fine and trying to play with my kids in the back seat... so we never went in and took him home....I have him Benadryl and he seems fine - he did throw up some white foamy phlegm yesterday morning (and come to think of it there was a little bit in front of him at this party - I truly through someone spilled a little beer - I guess not)... I am taking him to the vet today, just so he can get a listen... very scary

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Quit possible he would benefit from palate surgery. But if he is a normal breather most of the time and this was the first episode you may just want to closely monitor his activity levels.

How old is he? According to my vet the palate stretches and as he gets older it can become more of a concern.

Excessive panting swells the palate so that is why he was fine then he was not.

Good luck at the vet.

He just

turned one in Aug. He makes the usual bulldog noises. I think it's allergies, his feet have been bothering him the past 2 days too.. he's been biting at them, 2 of them have bumps that have come and gone... I don't think they are cysts... but then again , I will find out tonight... thanks for your help.... I will let you know... going tonight at 6:00

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This is exactly what happened with Chester and we...

almost lost him.  We had all our guys at the park on a winter day in February (Phoenix, so it's not freezing).  He was sniffing the ground and he started gagging and wheezing and throwing up white foam.  We took him home and he seemed to be having trouble breathing, so we took him to the ER vet and his throat was swollen almost closed.  They gave him steroids and had to intubate and sedate him until morning when we could find a surgeon who could evaluate him.  We found the most wonderful doctor on superbowl sunday no less and he performed a palate resection.  It took a week or so until Chester was getting back to normal.  Doc said his palate was so long it was obstructing his breathing.  The strange thing is Chester never was a snorer or a noisey breather, so he basically had no symptoms except he would throw up a little water when he drank and then the foamy throwup the day he got really bad.  So, long story short, have your guy evaluated for palate problems so it doesn't turn into a life or death struggle like we had.  I will never forget that night not knowing if he would be around by the morning.  

Thank you

so much for your response I will let you know what she says tomorrow. The vet I normally see for my bulldogs is not available until tomorrow, but I did not want to wait. They have a new vet there, that used to work in the Emergency Animal hospital, so I'm guessing she is pretty good! I just don't want to wait...

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awww.....hope everything is okay!!! Please let us know,

and in the meantime, Meaty and Sophie and I send ((( hugs ))) and prayers!  ;-)

We;ve had to take Meaty three times to an emergency vet for facial swelling which grew worse, and he required

dexamethasone injections each time so his airway wouldn't close......(we'll never know from what, we

assume it was always bug bites?????)'s sooo terrible when they're in an emergent situation like that, I'm glad

he ended up okay later, and hope everything checks out okay! 


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I hope every thing went well at the vet?

These Bullie scared us. I believe it would be like Chester. But praying everything is well . Please let us know.



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hope all

goes well for fred. maybe he just got a little too excited....



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attitude is altitude!



The Vet

said it was allergies - my poor guy!