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Vegatarian bulldog

He's not a vegatarian, but Quigley loves his veggies. His favorite are the green beans from the garden. He like zuccini. And he found a green tomato, stolen by a squirrel, and made it his.

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Ha ha!! Silly Quigly

Lots of dogs don't like veggies....but liking them must run in Bully blood because Sophia likes them too!


Amy and Sophia

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I love the look on his if to say "yes I found it and it's mine".


Cathy & Zimmer



My Three

eat their veggies everyday like I do... I give them baby carrots as their treats... they love them - every once and a while some cucumbers... they also LOVE watermelon...

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My dog is a veggie lover

I make him a salad when I make us a salad and put fish oil on as the dressing ;)


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"