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Urine smells outside / Cross posted

I have two intact Males and a fairly small yard. They eat raw.  This leads to overpowering urine smells sometimes.

I guess male Bullies smell pretty strong and Im glad they go out, but I'd like something to spray around to kill a little of the odor.

Also hoping there is no reason for the smell as it is from the p-ing in the same place and both marking there.

Maybe vinegar in a spray bottle then washed down with the hose.....?



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Simple Green

evidently works as well and is biodegradable, doesn't hurt the grass.

I haven't had a problem yet with my yard because its good sized so I haven't tried it. My sister used it and said it worked. It was recommended to me by a bulldog breeder.

dilute with water, then put into a garden hose sprayer. I'm sure you could use vinegar solution as well but I think the vinegar smell mixed with urine smell is not very pleasant.

Anyway a couple of options to try.

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OdoBan is great and inexpensive

Can be purchased at Walmart or Sam's club

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I'm gonna try one of them, they p too close to the front of the house.....



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