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Update on Maybull: Plus, advice needed.

She's on a new antibiotic (enrofloxacin) and a heart medicine (theophylline) which I think is like Elixophyllin for humans. She suddenly seems to have a whole lot more energy and is actually awake a lot more. She's started to crawl under our coffee table, once a favorite place, again even though it's barely bigger than she is.

The problem we have now is that she does not want to take her pills. Peanut butter worked for a while. We've tried putting it in ground beef, turkey slices, in to ravioli, covered with butter or cream cheese...nothing works. I'm having to force her to eat them. A couple of days ago, we had a pasta dish that she loved and I sneaked her pills in there, but last night, again, she wouldn't touch it. She even spits out the food we try to hide it in. Not, just the pill – the whole piece of food.

Any suggestions? I really need some way to get her to take her meds.


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Cube cheese has always worked for Zapper :)




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I tried that, too.

I may have to wait until she's really hungry.

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I'm having this issue also.

I used to have no problem giving my older bully her pills in peanut butter, greek yogurt, wrapped in sliced cheese or meat, etc., but all of sudden she has gotten wise to our tricks. Eventually I get her to take the pills but it is getting harder everyday.

Any tips appreciated!


try liverwurst!

It is really soft, you don't need a lot, and Otie used to snarf it right down!


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Chicken gizzards

I cut a pocket into one add the pill, give dog a gizzard, and toss the "doped" one to the dog next and you're done.



Mean people still suck


I always stick mine in a little cheese cube!!! Or just throw it down their throat like the vet does it.... I can't do that!!!!

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We've tried the cheese.

We've tried the cheese. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I don't know how to throw a pill down the throat of a protesting and struggleing bulldog.

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Good idea!

The problem is, she gets wise to one food and I have to switch. I'll try the gizzards. David and I love gizzards, so if she starts to refuse them, we can eat them.

Today I slipped one pill into some smoked turkey tails that we use to cook greens. She ate some, but she's getting wary of everything.

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I have noticed that these antibiotics dissolve quickly so

The taste is very strong and yucky, so whatever you do, u have to it fast, before it dissolves enough for them to smell or taste it. I always cut pockets in everything too... Meat, cheese, cover in yogurt, piece of fruit, potatoe, carrot, etc... I will give my bully an untainted treat first... So that way she won't suspect it.. Then the second treat will be the drugged one, which I will try to put further or directly on purpose deeper in her mouth.. Then follow with a small untainted treat... That way she doesn't know what hit her!


sincerely, christine

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Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't

I put some pills in little ravioli and she got wise to them. She's a picky little princess and smart, too. I'm hoping that tha antibiotic pills will be done soon. She's on her third kind and they are so expensive.

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Penelope has to take allergy meds in the summer

I get her the pill pockets an she loves them an takes her meds no problem now. :)


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