Update on Kofi

Kofi,got a good going over at the vets today. I took a video to show how she's been acting. It may be that she's aftaid of slipping on the tile floors. He trimmed the tufts of hair from her foot pads. We're pretty sure its not a type of seizure because of her actions. She may have slipped and hurt herself, but it seems she's almost afraid to move. 

I wish she'd come back into the bedroom, but we all know our babies can adopt some strange ways.

She is 61 pounds, which I'm not thrilled about, but the vet didn't seem concerned. We can still see her ribs, but she does have a little Buddah belly.

She's always been built like a tank though. 

Thanks for the help from my friends!


Kofi and Carol

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Very good Carol, glad to hear it :)




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Great to hear!

I am glad there is nothing seriously wrong with her!! YAY!


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