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Update on the foster bulldog, Margie (advice needed)

Setback. She's suddenly become terrified again. She won't go outside without being physically forced. She's scared of pooing outside (I don't know why or what's suddenly different) and has run back in to poo twice in the last four days. Anyone have any suggestions?


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Setbacks are fairly common....

While frustrating, setbacks will occur. I have seen that in my rescue work. Just be patient, encourage her and cheer her on, and make sure there is nothing out in the yard that has been moved, mown, etc, that she is frightened of. Are there any new dogs in the neighborhood or noise that hasn't been there before? Anything can be a trigger. Take treats out and just sit quietly outdoors with her, talk low and soft, she will regain her composure again. Until then, can you take her outdoors from a different door, one that she is more comfortable with? That might help her some.

I hope this helps some. Not sure what else to tell you:-(


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Oh, the mysteries of the bulldog mind

Could she be adjusting to the grass/pavement vs the snow that she was used to?

Thank you for being so patient with her. I know you guys will work it all out together.

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She was doing OK once the snow was gone. She had no problem with grass. She preferred it. I think the trigger was some balloons that were in my neighbor's yard to commorated a missing family. But, those are gone and she's still being weird. There are a lot of things she might be afraid of; cars and buses driving by, planes overhead, workmen down the street, the moon, the clouds, the wind. Poor little bulldog.

I want to be calm with her, but right now it's sleeting/raining out and 31 degrees. I just want to get us both outside in back in.

Thanks for the advice and the ear.