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Update on the foster bulldog and photo

She stays on the couch all the time. We've put a harness on her and walk her on a lead, around our main floor, a few times a day. She isn't interested in the food in her bowl, but will eat treats like cheese. We have stopped feeding her while she's on the couch because we don't want to reward her for being there. What worries us is that she isn't drinking water. She's had only a couple of sips in the last 24 hours.

Any advice on this?

She is very skittish but she's good being petted. She's very sweet but very passive and seems afraid of noises. I think we'll bathe her tomorrow.

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She looks so frightened:-(... Poor girl, she is lovely though!

It will take a few weeks, but hang in he here. The rewards will be so well worth the wait, I promise:-)


Amy and Sophia

She'll come around!

I had a dog that was a yr old when I got him and he only knew what a cage was like.  Within six months he had taken on my personality and was changed forever.  I just had to be patience.  She is so cute~!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



She is

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! she will come around, once she trusts you, she will be your buddy! She is scared right now! that's understandable, poor girl!

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Sweet little ding dong (and a suggestion?)

What a sweet, beautiful little face. She's probably more than a little freaked out by all the change. Like the others, I suspect she'll come around in time.

You mentioned in one of your other posts that she seemed to like the snow. maybe you could get her to lick a bit of that to get some h2o in her? Or maybe licking an ice cube if she doesn't want to drink. Stella always loved a good ice cube!

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I tried this and she liked a cube just a little and then wasn't interested. Today, she wasn't interested in the broth, either. I'll try the ice again.

What about...

Freezing the broth? Adding baby food (sweet potato, green beans, banana, etc) to the food? And what about hand feeding? My frenchie is a reluctant eater and I have had to do all those things to encourage him to eat. My vet told me they drink to thirst so don't be too alarmed if they aren't drinking as much as you think she should be. Be patient, give lots of praise and know that she will come to trust you and your love. 

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ohhh, she is sooo ador-a-bulll......I want to cuddle her

soo badly!  Her eyes do look very fearful; hopefully she'll be calmer soon!!!!!  Sooo sweet!  :-)


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