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Update on the foster bulldog

She has arrived. Her name is Spring. She badly needs a bath but I think she needs time to settle in first. She is very skittish. But, it turns out, she likes to sit on our green velvet couch. They have her on ProPlan so we'll probably be mixing that with a bit of the other food (Nutro) to switch her over. Her ears need cleaning but otherwise she looks healthy. She went out in the the back yard and seemed to like the snow but I don't know how housebroken she is, so we'll put her out on a schedule until we figure it out. She doesn't seem interested in food or treats right now, but perhaps later. Being petted seems to make her nervous but I'm hoping that will change, too.

I'll post photos later.

Any advice? We're listening.

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Well I'm no help in this dept

But I hope things go well with Spring. I'm hoping others can give you some advice. Everyone here is hoping it goes well. Maybull will be helping you out from above ;)


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A little at a time. She will be ok.

Let her know she is safe. Keep offering food/treats. She will figure it out. I would put her food down, show her it's there, then leave her alone. Let her want to eat....she will eat:-). Don't make over her too much, it may confuse her even more than she is. Just offer her quiet approaches, a soft pat, then walk away. Time is your friend with that baby. 


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She hasn't gotten off the couch for three hours.

We're all hanging out in the living room. She's on the couch. If we come up with treats, she'll eat them. She seems very calm. She lets us pet and cuddle, but we're not doing too much of that. I was told she'd be hiding under the bed, but we don't have that on the first floor and she seems OK. I was told that she was free fed AND that she was fed twice a day.

I'm getting the impression that she just wanted a place with peace and quite and not two other bulldogs pestering her.

Her food is in her bowl, but as I said, she hasn't left the couch to check it out.

Thanks for all the advice.

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no advice.....just wanna say she sounds like a sweet baby anddd

I am SO glad she's with you and your hubbs......!!! I'm sure SHE is more than grateful and like you said, peaceful.....sounds like

she is just enjoying relaxxxxing on your couch for now!  Can't wait for some piks!  ;-)


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Aw, she sounds really quite sweet:-)

I hope she sees what a great thing she has going with you and David:-) I bet she did just need to get away from the other two dogs. One never knows if she was bullied, or pushed around by them. Sophia would love to be an only dog:-)


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