Update on the Erin situation

Well sadly I have to say that we are returning Erin today to her breeder. After a long week of trying to get health records we got them. And the records show that she has had no vaccines or any kind of check ups other than her c-sections (three of them) I kinda feel like a failure that I am sending her back into that enviroment, but I can not finacially afford to give her what she needs. She would need lots of work done because she is not a healthy dog. This tears me apart. She has also started to mark in the house and be aggresive towards Brewer. I was told she was healthy and was a good dog that needed little attention. I work full time and also go to school full time and do not have the time to completely train a 4 year old dog that doesn't even know her name. So if everybody could just say a prayer for her, and hope that someone comes and brings that sweet dog into their home so she is not stuck with that nasty breeder.

Thanks to everyone on here that gave me advice. I truly appreciate it.


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Just one little question

Did you try contacting any rescues nearby to see if they would take her? That way, she'll get the care she needs and maybe you can keep in touch?

I'm so sorry to hear all this.

I had an agreement with the

I had an agreement with the person that she could breed her yet. So if i give her to a rescue then I am breaking the verbal contract and I don't need or want to deal with any legal issues. Trust me I thought about saying that she ran away or was taken just so I didn't have to return her, but I just didn't want any legal issues.


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I agree with Celine

It is worth reaching out to a rescue near you to see if they could take her.


Shannon and Winston :)

My swimming bully buddy!

My swimming bully buddy!

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Well how about alerting the

Well how about alerting the local rescue that there's

mistreatment...?!you're suppose to return her to where

she continues not to be tended to b/c some piece of s**t

said so?

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So sorry to hear

I agree with the lady though, it would be better to put her in rescue instead of returning her cause as you can see she will not get the care she needs.


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