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Typical Viper (pics and video)

Squid and Plank before Trouble comes...

and there's Trouble happy.gif

He buries his ball in the blanket on purpose.  happy.gif

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the 3 of them are just too

the 3 of them are just too precious for words!

i'm sure there's never a dull moment w/rooney around!lol

smoochies the scrunchy faces


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LOL!!!  I love how the other

LOL!!!  I love how the other 2 are stoicly sitting there and Viper is tugging/pulling/hopping around w/the blankie and ball.  Too funny!

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I loved this ..can't wait for my daddy to get me a sister...hey I have a blue ball like that





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Well Viper, you are just the fun one!

I can only imagine what the other 2 are thinking......."here he goes again" lol

loved the video

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Stirring the pot!

That's our Viper.  I especially love the "please deliver us" look on Squiddy's face.  Ha, ha!

You Must Have a Six Pack...

...from laughing so much! Your boys are hilarious :-)