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Two bulldogs!?

Hi all,

I haven't posted in a long while, but I have a question for all of you owners who have MORE than 1 bulldog..... We have a 3 year old bully, Hank, very healthy happy frisky boy... knock on wood.  We have had an opportunity fall into our laps to adopt a 10 month old bully from someone who thought they could handle a puppy and can't.... let alone a bulldog.  My BIGGEST concern is that Hank will feel like he's lost attention, as silly as that sounds.  He's VERY spoiled, lots of attention, all day long, sleeps in bed with us, etc. etc..... We're building a house, will have plenty of room for two bullies, always wanted a second, but now I'm having 2nd thoughts.  Is it a lot harder going from having 1 to 2?  Just looking for any advice on having MORE than ONE! 


Hank's mom. 


- Hank and Mom

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10 WEEKS not 10 months

Sorry, the puppy will be 10 WEEKS not 10 months....... so a baby baby!!!!


- Hank and Mom

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I think Hank will love it!

The pup will probably be "a pain" for a while during the young puppy stage, but it will be up to you to give Hank breaks from baby. It is also up to you to continue to show him he's important (doesn't sound like that will be an issue).

The advantage of an older bulldog is that he will help train the puppy. He'll show him that you pee outside, wait to be fed, are nice to other dogs, etc. You won't be off the hook completely, of course, but he will help with baby's manners :)

My only concern would be how much do you know about this other puppy? Is he from a reputable breeder? Will you be asking for trouble in terms of health, etc.? You're so lucky to have a healthy boy already... you don't want a health nightmare (trust me!). Or, if you do choose to take him, at least be ready for the unknown.

Please keep us posted on what you decide!

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i agree w/celine...btw that

i agree w/celine...btw that hank is too friggin adorable,
make sure you know from whom you're getting puppy from
and all that comes w/it...and yes let us know and ofcourse we want to see pics!
smoochies the scrunchy face

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Double everything

 But the first thing is double fun.  Hank is a cutie and deserves a friend....Male or female?  Buddy was lonely and we got another pup at 7 months so they are best friends...Brother the youngest is the alpha, from the moment he walked in the door.  I believe Buddy is a happier dog having Brother to be his friend, boss, and companion.  So two boys works good here, and they are in sync and have a schedule.....Wouldn't trade them for anything,

Here they play "try to tear up the ball"..Brother is white and Buddy is Brindle.



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2 :) definately 2

Gizmo was 2 years old when we brought in Hershey at 12 weeks - at first there was alot of stink eye, but now they are best of buddies :) :)


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Go for it!

My oldest bullie was 2 when I got a new puppy.  I wanted him to have a playmate.  At first he didn't quite know what this baby was all about.  He didn't want much to do with him.  The puppy would try to play with him, and he would grunt at him, or a short little bark.  After a bit, he warmed up and now they snuggle together while I am gone, or actually start to play with each other.  I think they would be lost without each other

A puppy is a puppy, regardless if they are alone or with another dog.  I didn't find it more challenging with two dogs, and now I love the fact that they have each other.  After the puppy stage, two isn't more work than one.

I would TOTALLY have two dogs again, if given the chance.  Someone once said to me, "the hard part is at the beginning and at the end.  The stuff in between is magical!"


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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well said vicky!i envy you

well said vicky!i envy you guys who have 2!!!
dbl smoochies the scrunchy faces

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Definitely 2! ON the advice

Definitely 2! ON the advice of your vet, we got our 2nd when Juliette was 2 - the vet said that Juliette would be happier and healthier with a playmate. From the moment we brought Isabella home, they have been inseperable. And, yes, Juliette DID help with the raising of Isabella, from showing her where to go potty, how to make the sad face to get the really GOOD cookies, what furniture it is okay to sleep on, etc.
I consider it an absolute blessing to be the mommy of 2 bullies and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

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I have 2, I have had them both since they were 3 months old

this caused a problem in our house because we treated them the same.

I was told the best way to have 2 dogs is to have 1 first and then get the second one...so you are doing it the right way.

After lots of training, for them and me...lol  we got the aggression issues figured out, I try to spend one on one time with them, and I seperate them often, will take one for a walk and leave the other one home with daddy, that kind of thing.

Hope this helps.


Ashley, Baron and Duchess

Vancouver, Canada