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TrYinG TO TaKe a BaTh!!!!!

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Really, really ABORABLE!

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so have to try that

put emmas ball in her bath, for sure she sill enjoy it more! thanks

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Bwahahaha!!!! No privacy allowed when you are owned by a Bully!

Ha ha!!! That silly boy! Just be glad he isn't big enough to climb over the edge or you would be showering from now on!


Amy and Sophia

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rooney had to make sure that

rooney had to make sure that his beloved ball was w/him before

preparing himself to get wet is all,lol!!!

smoochies the scrunchy faces

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How cute.

Viper is going for that ball. So cute. 



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Silly Viper!

Maybe he wanted to join you?!

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"Mom! I brought you a tub toy!!"

What a nice little helper you have, to make sure you are never bored with no toys in the tub :-)

TOO cute! And adorabull! And SWEET! And precious!


Cathy and Audrey  


seriously - I just cannot take the CUTENESS!!!


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I'm sorry but he is just way too funny....how are you not

laughing your head off all day...lol


Ashley, Baron and Duchess

Vancouver, Canada