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trifexis worm med

Do not give your dog this drug. My poor dog has had seizures and realtime lathargic from it. There has been petitions to fda and to the com to have it removed. To bad I didn't know about this sooner. And of course the vet said they have never herd of this reaction. YouTube it.


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Sounds like you might want to find a new vet. Between this and the ear problem I would be firing one and hiring a new one.

Unfortunately all those types of products can have adverse reactions. They are technically poisen you are putting into your dog.

I've never given my dogs worm meds ... ever. I've never had worms or wormed in 16 years, 6 dogs. Puppies are wormed around 6, 8, 10 wks. Other then that all I do is have occasional fecal tests done and watch the poop.

I also don't take my dogs to strange yards, dog parks, meet and greets, etc. where they can pick up god knows what from other dogs.

I hope your doggie is all well now. If your speaking of the one in your little picture he/she is quite handsome.

I do live in an area that doesn't have the problems that you see in warmer climates.

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i agree w/deb you need a new

i agree w/deb you need a new vet-esp one who actually cares about the dogs and not just the charges,
poor sweetie...i hope he/she is doing and gets better!
smoochies the the scrunchie face