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Off topic: Another of my columns. This one on a Polish grocery.

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keep them coming

keep them coming steph-another good one! of the sons is a cutie!lol

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I always enjoy your columns

And I love Polish sausage! We have a Polish pastry shop not too far from where I live. They make theses plumb-filled doughnuts that are just ridiculous!!!

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They had to doughnuts, too.

I didn't have room to mention them, but this place had the doughnuts, too, in a number of flavors including plum, aprocot and strawberry/cream cheese.

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Seriously, try the plumb ones!

They are SO good!!!!

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I tried the prune. Is it the same thing?

They get their doughnuts from Chicago. We might be eating the same ones.

I'd be interested in your kilbasa recipe.