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Took Quigley for a walk.

He is starting to be a little wary of some things, but not many. We have these wooden planks over part of the sidewalks on our street – they're doing some extensive sewer and water work on our block – and he doesn't want to walk on them. He will stop when he hears weird noises, but doesn't run away. He's also starting to look less like a roly-poly baby and more lean and bulldogy. He's still adorable. About 4 months and 26 lb.

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Oh! Look at that worried, darling little face!!!

He is so danged cute Stephanie!!! 

Hope he gets over his willies! Sophie never has. Anything that sounds funny or is in the wrong spot in the house will draw a barking fit that only stops when I retrieve said object or make said noise go away:-)


Amy and Sophia

What a face....................

so stinkin' cute!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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he is so cute

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He is so cute.

What a sweet face he Has. Already making up his own mind at four months.