Tiny *pictures*


My little baby girl has been so helpful around the house, she even enjoys cleaning the sink! (about a week old picture)




Sittin on her daddy's lap 2 weekends ago on December 3rd!



The day i realized that love at first sight was true!

I will try and add another picture tomorrow morning, shes even bigger than the first picture posted .. it is UNBELIEVABLE how much she has grown!!

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LOVE LOVE LOVE that sink picture!!!. That is so awesome!. hahah.. they grow sooo fast! take pics as often as u can!!!


Nicole and Dozer

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Does she have a name yet?

And I agree with Nicole - awwww!



maybe he named her 'Tiny' ? from the subject?

I love the puppy pictures, take lots of them, try to take weekly shots 'next too' (say a fireplace) and then you can compare the 1st year or 2 of growth - I dont think the sink will be feasible much longer!   LOL  *lifting a 50lb bully up to sit by a sink for a picture* come on Tiny, you sat here before.   LOL


Last steps taken May 26, 2014 -- Been rolling along ever since . . . . 

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aww I love her!

such a cuddle bug :)


Fatboy aka Stinky :)

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what a sweetheart

She took my breath away. I love her color. Please post more.



oh my, killing me w/

oh my, killing me w/ cuteness!


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She is a DOLL!!!!!!!



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