Thinking about moving on...

So my bully of 9 years passed away in early March...and our Golden is 9...   My wife and I are both concerned that he's not far from joining Magnolia in dog heaven, and we've given considerable thought to looking for our next Bully.  

I found Maggie using this forum back in 2005, and she honestly was the best dog I've ever had the pleasure calling my own.  We got her from a breeder in southern Mississippi, and have since moved to East Tennessee.

Can anyone give me the contact info of a reputable breeder in the East Tennessee area?   It would be very much appreciated as I don't want to purchase a baby from someone who doesn't practice responsible breeding.

I don't expect anyone to post private information on the forum, but if you could send me a quick email, it would be appreciated.

[email protected]

Thank you all.  

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look on the home page...

on the bottom left side there is a breeder's referral, maybe there is someone close to you on there.  They have been vouched for by users of this forum.  Good luck with your search, nothing like a bulldog puppy!