Things to Know About Medical Insurance for Your Bulldog

To protect yourself and your family against unexpected medical bills you probably have health insurance policy. But did you know that you can purchase something similar for your pet? Pet insurance is like health insurance but for your pet – it may help to offset the cost of medical care for your Bulldog.

How Much Does it Cost and Is It Worth It?

As technological advances are made in the field of veterinary medicine, medical care for pets becomes more advanced as well. What often accompanies these advancements, however, is higher prices for veterinary care. The average cost for a regular check-up is between $45 and $55. If your Bulldog needs any vaccines, the average cost for annual booster shots is about $20 each. Add $50 for an annual heartworm test and bloods tests or fecal exams to check for parasites you are looking at several hundred dollars a year just for preventive medicine. If your Bulldog needs to be tested for allergies or if he needs to have surgery for an injury or major medical problem, your costs could skyrocket.

The cost for a pet insurance policy for your Bulldog will vary depending on a number of factors such as his age and current health status – where you live could also have an impact on your premium cost. To give you an idea what a pet insurance plan might cost, keep in mind that there are different levels of coverage. Minimum coverage for essentials like booster shots and flea control usually costs under $20 per month. Additional coverage for accidents, illnesses, and inherited conditions may cost closer to $30 or more per month. For the highest coverage option with up to 90% reimbursement for covered services, you may be looking at a monthly premium over $50. Remember, many pet insurance plans also enforce a per-incident or per-period deductible that you will have to pay before you receive any benefits.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Pet Insurance

While most health insurance policies pay the provider directly, pet insurance policies typically offer benefits in the form of reimbursement – you pay the cost upfront and then submit a claim to be reimbursed by the plan. The rate of reimbursement varies from one plan to another but many pet insurance policies pay for covered costs at a rate of 90% or more. Of course, you have to consider the fact that you are paying a monthly premium in exchange for coverage in addition to some kind of deductible.

For smaller medical bills and preventive medicine, many Bulldog owners find that pet insurance policies aren’t worth the money. If you know that your Bulldog suffers from a serious health problem that requires expensive treatment, however, you could save a lot of money by just paying your premiums and deductibles then having the plan cover the majority of your other costs. Before you purchase a pet insurance policy, be sure to do the math to see whether or not it will actually be worth it for you.

In addition to considering the cost of pet insurance, you also have to understand that these policies come with certain rules and restrictions. Some plans only cover pets under a certain age and most of them do not cover pre-existing conditions. Certain plans only cover accidents and injury expenses while others are designed specifically for preventive care. Always do your research and be sure to read the fine print before you purchase a plan.

Whether or not you purchase a pet insurance policy for your Bulldog is completely up to you. Before you make your choice, however, you would be wise to consider the option from all angles so you can make an educated decision. For some Bulldog owners, having a pet insurance policy can save a lot of money while, for others, it may be an unnecessary expense.

Photo credit: Mark Robinson/Flickr