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Theresa, is Rory home yet?

I so can't wait to see more of this little girl!



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NO!!!!!  She had her recheck

NO!!!!!  She had her recheck and all-clear w/the vet Wednesday night.  She is going to be shuttled up to me Monday morning.  I can't wait to get this little bugger back!!!  It's a 5 hour round trip to get her - they offered to have someone bring her up to me, so I decided to take them up on that offer.

I have her new collar and name tag ready - just need the little girl :)

I'll post when she has officially arrived home :)


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I'm not sure I can wait that long, lol.

I'm thrilled that her surgeries went so well and that she's A-OK.

Again, I'm so excited for all of you!

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LOL!  I know I can't really

LOL!  I know I can't really either - but I've got a busy weekend....so it's probably okay to wait until Monday.

Last Saturday my boyfriend (of three years) surprised me by proposing....so we've got some family stuff to do this weekend.  It was a big surprise and I feel kinda silly about it - almost 40 and divorced, I feel like I'm too old to say that I'm engaged.  Weird.

Anyways, that's part of why I'm waiting until Monday rather than driving down there and scooping her up :)

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That's AWESOME. Congrat!

And your never too old to feel great about being engaged!!

What a busy, happy time for you!

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Double WOOT!

Congratulations on your engagement.  I was a little bit older than you when I got engaged.  You're never too old to be in love! 

I'm excited about seeing more pictures of Rory and Vern.  Will they get to be in the wedding???


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Thanks so much ! :) It is

Thanks so much ! :) It is nice to actually be in love w/the person I'm now engaged to.....last time was kinda obligatory and we were very young.

I will post more pics of Vern & Rory as soon as I can.  I ask Vern where Rory is all the time and he runs around the house looking - he'll be so excited to see her again :)

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yayyyyy!!! can't wait til

yayyyyy!!! can't wait til they bring her to you!!!

smoochies the scrunchy face