Teething/Proper Punishment/Potty Training

I have a 4 month old bulldog puppy. One day I feel that she is catching onto the potty training and the next I feel she is not getting it at all. I think she knows its wrong to go in the house, its me trying to teach her to tell me when she needs to go out.

She is teething very badly. She is nipping at our feet, biting hands, etc. I always tell her no and give her a toy instead when this happens.

She does not seem to to catch on when she is doing something wrong. I am not sure how to properly punish her so she will start to catch on. I have read you should not put them in their kennel and I'd like to stay away from smacking them.

I plan to start her puppy training classes very soon. Any advice to help with the any of the above topics?

Thanks in Advance.

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First of all...

a 4 month old puppy cannot hold it for more than 4 hours at the most.  You need to take her out 15 minutes or so after drinking and stay out with her until she pees.  Then praise her effusively and give her a treat.  She will catch on, it just takes time.  If she goes in the house and you don't catch her in the act, just ignore it, if you yell at her she won't have the faintest idea what you are mad about.  If you do catch her in the act, give her a firm NO and take her outside.

BUlldog pups have sharp teeth.  When she starts chewing on you, give her a firm NO and replace your foot/hands/etc with a chew toy.  If she chews on furniture or object you can spray them with bitter apple.  You can also spray yourself with it, I've done that many times.  Always use positive reinforcement, praise her for doing good, use treats, don't scream or hit, it will just make her afraid of you and she won't know what she did to make you so mad.  You will be surprised how quickly she will catch on.  Our guys are fantastic now, and they were all chewing, peeing pooping machines as puppies.  A puppy class is a very good idea.

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I second all of that!

Good advice Kathy!


Amy and Sophia

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Yes to all of this

spoken like a true pro :)


Fatboy aka Stinky :)

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Agree --- But want to add "NO" used alone

is completely overrated.  We use "no" for everything we say, it starts to have no meaning.  You must find other words and commands.  "No bite" is better then just no.  Start teaching your puppy commands, sit, stay, down  all these can be done at home for a few minutes each session with treats. 

I personally use a crate for time out if necessary.  It would not be a punishment in my house in their minds because they have all been crate trained.  I honestly don't know how someones house breaks a puppy without a crate or ex-pen at the minimum. 

My experience is 4 hours while the rule of thumb is never how long a waking, busy puppy is going to wait before needing to pee.  immediately after eating, drinking, sleeping they are going to need to go out.  And often mid play they also need to potty.  IMO ever hour is necessary when they are out loose in the house.  You want to set them up for success in the potty training area.  At night set your alarm to take the puppy out around 1 am so she can potty then right back to bed.  A crate for me is vital at night. 

They will bite until after teething.  Consistent replacement of body parts for toys will be successful, but it takes time.  Theres lots going on in that bullie mouth, teething and jaw changes.