Sunday afternoon at my house

Pic #1 Sebastian telling Ninja-kitty the crate is for dogs only!

Pic #2 Remy helping Skyler with homework on his ipad

Pic #3 Oliver just looking like Oliver!


Kim, Remy Le Beau, Lord Sebastian, and Sir Oliver

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kimmy i love ur boys-they are

kimmy i love ur boys-they are adorable,i'm coming to your house this sun!lol

smoochies the scrunchy faces

come on Pegsy...

the door is always open!!!


Kim, Remy Le Beau, Lord Sebastian, and Sir Oliver

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awww...thnq sweetie,(((hugs))),likewise of course!!!

but you'd have  hard time gettng rid of me from your boys,lol

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Howy cwap! Youz got a cat!

Watch out for dem, dey are sneaky son ob a guns!


its our skin sister's Bweanne's...

Bweanne had to mobe back home and herz kitty had to come wib herz. Wez wike him now but at fiwst wez wanted to eatz him!! He finks hez a buwwdawg cuz ebey time wez gets fed, he eatz our food too! We waz waughing at him wast week, he went to da bets and got his beans cut off and now our mommy sez hez needs to get his cwaws wemobed too. *snicker, snicker fwom Sebatian, Owiber, and Wemy


Kim, Remy Le Beau, Lord Sebastian, and Sir Oliver

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Hey guys!

You are all looking fabu, as always!  And I love the way Remy helps with the studying - wish he could come to work with me every day and help that way!



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I don't know. Looks like they may be overworked!

LOL! Hi Kim! Good to see you guys! How is Skyler doing? Give that kid a hug...


Amy and Sophia

Skyler is doing great!!!

He has been cancer free and in remission since July of 2011! He is attending high school again although it is a hybrid high school where they go every day the first three weeks of the year then after that only on Thursdays (different student teams have different days to attend) and the rest of the work is done on the ipad the school supplied them. He is riding his bike again, walking to the corner stores with friends and relatives, playing basketball with his brother in the driveway, and mowing the lawn again (rider)! He is about 95% back to where he was before the diagnosis. I will give him a hug for you, he actually owes me one anyway since I made his bed for him. He claims he can't do it as well as I can that's why I needed to make it!!!


Kim, Remy Le Beau, Lord Sebastian, and Sir Oliver

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I be there Sunday.

Looks just like our afternoons. After Church we all go back to my Daughters Apartment dogs and all and just have fun. Loulou always wants to be with my boyfriend. She in love with this guy . Kim we need to see more of these three here. Miss all of ya. 



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Looks like fun......

and I'll bet they all keep you entertained :)


Cathy & Zimmer