Suggestions on raising 2 pups together-not litter mates

Hi I just purchase a 3 weeks old (male) and a 10 week old(female), picking up the female next weekend. Anything sugguestion on raising them, dont want them to bond too much each other but to us.

2 puppies.............

My brother and sister-in-law raised two siblings from 8 wks and they got along fine with no problems! 


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If left to their devices

they will bond more to each other then with you. Spending separate time with each one, short training sessions outside, training classes, walks etc., will keep you as their primary. Don't force their companionship, they don't need to nor should they eat from the same bowl, sleep in the same bed, if they choose to, then thats great but it should be only because they want to.

Have fun


Lynn King CPDT-KA

I have

a brother and sister team at my house too! Fred is 11 months old and Ethel is 5 months old - both Bulldogs... They have the same dad... we also have a 4 year old bullmastiff (Lucy) and they leave her in the dust most of the time... you can tell they are brother and sister, they bonded and they play just like my son and daughter do (fight all the time, then play nice).... It's cute!!!! Good Luck! get lots of chew toys


Thanks for all the advice