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Strange behavior

Rocco has started not wanting to cross the kitchen floor.  This just started happening within a few days.  His food and water are in the kitchen and he goes potty out the back door.  He will walk about a foot into the kitchen and not want to go further.  We haven't changed anything to make that be the issue.  Our kitchen is the pergo floor and we have carpet in the living room, which connects to the kitchen.  Last night he had me lift up the octagon to walk through the kitchen.  Any ideas on this behavior?


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Do you recall anything happening in there in the last couple of days. Like someone dropping something really loud, or a weird bag being on the counter? Or did he and his bro have a scrap in there, or someone step on his toe by accident?

Sometimes, minor incidents like that just stick with them until they shake it off.

Just a theory. What I do know is that bulldogs are weird (and wonderful, of course!). :)

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is there something wrong with one of his paws

 that the flooring makes it hurt, but the carpet does not? 

I'm just pulling things out of thin air.


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Or maybe he slipped on the floor at some point...

my guys hate walking on the tile for that reason.  Maybe try laying some towels or something along his path so it's not slippery and see if that helps.

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Towels down

I check his paws yesterday and didn't see anything.  I put two towels down at lunch and sure enough the little bugger went across them.  I never saw him slipped or anything, but it is snowy out there.  I think we will be investing in a rug now. :).   It just puzzled me that up until a couple days ago he didn't care about crossing the floor.  I even put the octagon half in the living room today, so he wouldn't be scared during the day.  Thanks for the help!  Gotta love these bullies.