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Stopping by to say "HoWdY!" to our BDW Friends!

HellooOOO, EveryBully! By chance I decided to check in here on BDW after a long hiatus (I've kept up with many of you via FaceBook but time just doesn't allow for perusing all of my favorite Bully Hangouts) An update, for those who haven't heard...

We lost our precious girl, Chubbs a year ago at age 10.5...and a few months later added a new little lady to the household--Gabe's granddogger, Sittingbullies Just Ducky! aka "Ducky". Ducky just turned a year old and is out of Gabe's daughter, Angel, that I co-own. Many here will remember Gabe's mother, Pip--a pretty little red & white piebald girl...well Ducky inherited her Great Gma's beautiful red & white coloring, complete with the gorgeous black eye patches that really make her eyes "pop" (she even has my initial on her right side...just so there was no doubt that she was intended for ME! ;)

Miss Ducky and her littermates just celebrated their first birthday and she already is started in her performance & show career--earning her Rally Novice and CGC titles by 6 months, a RATI (Rat Instinct) title and two of the 3 legs needed for both her Beginning Novice and RATN (Rat Novice) titles. She has just started showing in the breed ring and earned a very nice 1st place in her class at a recent specialty (all-bulldog) show in OR.


Ducky is being "mentored" by her Papa Gabe in various activities from scooters to skateboarding and obedience and agility (as you can see from the above photo, she has mastered the scooter trick already!)

And..."Papa" Gabe is going strong as ever, still competing in the breed ring (he is looking for that final major win to earn his AKC Championship) and all sorts of fun performance events like obedience (he was inducted into the BCA HOF last year after earning his Utility Dog title), Rally, Agility, Lure Coursing, Draft (Carting), Herding, Tracking, Therapy Dog and the new Barn Hunt (he was the first Bulldog to earn the RAT Novice title and is now working on his Open title). He has made several TV appearances since winning the Worldwide Fido Awards as a youngster and filming The Dogfather...making the Quarter-finals of AGT, an appearance on Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks, Good Morning America and recently a cameo on The Rachel Ray Show...he's a busy boy!


Gabe has enjoyed helping raise up two litters of GrandPups (his other daughter, Gabby, had a litter last fall) several of which have gone to some incredible homes where they will be following in their Papa's Pawsteps in both the performance and breed rings!

Gabe & Ducky with two of his other Grandpups, Harvey (far left) and Pirate (far right) age 4 mos.

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Sorry to hear of your loss but happy for the cute new pup.

Kiss Gabe for us.

Happy good to catch up with you!

Love, love, love, Ducky!  What a beauty!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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Nice to see you again..

so sorry for your loss. Ducky is a sweetheart, best of luck!


Cathy & Zimmer



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Well Howdy Guy and Gals!!

So good to see you all and hear such great updates on those kids! Though, I am so very sorry about your sweet sympathy Dear Cheryl.

Love the "C"! How precious that baby girl is! She is already following in great paw steps!


Amy and Sophia