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Stolen Bulldogs!!! Please Share

These two babies were stolen from their families. Please keep an eye out and post on social media sites.

MISSING~ MR Brown was taken from my home last night at 8pm. Sprague River, Oregon. He was outside for less then 2 minutes and had a buddy with him.. His buddy is still here but he is not. Brown Never wanders off in fact his bed time he prefers is 7:30, The only reason he was out side was because he went potty in his crate and I was cleaning it. We searches all night long all of our 20 ac plus all the land around us. There are no Paw prints at all. So we now know he was taken from our yard. IF any one see's Him Please let me know asap. He is my personal side kick buddy and is never far away from me at all. Please post and repost and repost.

My 5 month old chocolate english bulldog was stolen from my house today in Spanaway washington. If you have information regarding about her please contact me at 253-327-5676 or 206-380-9828 or 253-314-3207. She is my baby and I want her back please re-post