Sorry I haven't posted anything lately,

but I have been lurking on and off these last few months. It was just too hard to write about anything after my Momma died and then 2 weeks later my dear Slugger passed away in his sleep.

Amy, I want to thank you for your constant prayers and friendship. I know there are others too.. We sure need as many as we can get right now.

We received very devastating news yesterday. It’s been the news we have been dreading for the last 42 months. There is nothing else that they can do for my husband and offered to write a referral for Hospice. The new chemo (FOLFIRI) isn’t working and his CA-19-9 marker jumped from 854 to 3000 in two weeks while receiving treatment. MY husband was so sick and weak yesterday from the previous chemo treatment he had already decided that he was not taking chemo yesterday. Of course we are both sick over this news. I know that we have been more fortunate than others in that my husband has survived 42 months with stage IV pancreatic cancer but I was hoping that he could just keep being treated to keep this monster at bay.

But let me tell you how upset I am at the oncologist at Moffitt Cancer Center. My husband has been going there approx. 2½ years. We had an appointment for labs at 8:45 we arrived at 7:20, everything went fine and dandy and taken on time which is pretty much the usual in the downstairs blood draw area. Our next appt. down the hall at the GI Clinic was at 10:00 to see his Dr. they put us in the room at 9:32, which was great I thought we might be seen a little bit early. Silly me. I wish I would have known and just got up and left at that point. We had 2 dieticians come in and talk to my husband and advise him, but still no Dr. After waiting about 45 minutes a nurse came in and said the Dr. is running late making hospital rounds but should be in shortly. Well after waiting 1 hour and 38 minutes I got up and wheeled my husband out of the office. I stopped at checkout and said I don’t have the checkout papers because we never saw the Dr. and we cannot wait any longer as my husband is a very sick man and it’s uncomfortable for him to sit in this wheelchair any longer. The checkout person was getting out of his chair to go and get a nurse and I said forget it. We are not waiting one more minute. I feel the Dr. was rude, inconsiderate and showed a total lack of concern towards my husband.

Well, lo and behold a couple of hours after we arrived home a nurse named Connie called and apologized for Dr. Springett. She also said that Dr. Springett told her to tell us all of the above info about his markers and the disease progression. He told her to tell us that he is willing to write a referral to HOSPICE for my husband but he would support whatever my husband wanted to do. I told the nurse that I thought the Dr. should have at least rescheduled an appointment and told this info. to my husband face to face not in a relay message.. Dr. to nurse, nurse to me, me to my husband. I just didn’t like it. He deserves more than just a telephone blow off. So the nurse called me back and said he would see us at 8:30 next Friday. I am so mad right now. Of course my husband took the news extremely well when I told him and said that he new he would hear it eventually but I think he is just being strong so he doesn’t upset me. I just want to rip somebody’s head off. OH, btw, neither one of us think he is ready for HOSPICE just yet.

So, so sorry to hear this!

I don't even know what to say to you.  This is such a horrible situation and so very painful for all involved, both emotionally and physically.  I know that it helps to vent when faced with situations like this, and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family now, and in the weeks/months to come.  Every day is a miracle and I hope you have more precious time with your husband.


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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Many, many ((( Hugs))) to you and your hubby!!! So sorry

this has all happened!  I can totallly see why you were furious, waiting that long, and then having just a phone call...

Many ((( Hugs ))) and prayers!!!!


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Kathie, I am so sorry my friend, and am still right here for you

My heart and prayers are with you both Kathie. If you need anything at all, anything, I have close family down there and can get them to you fast, including my own mom who is an in-home nurse. Even if you just need a shoulder, hers is an awesome one to lean on. She has huge experience with what you are going through and could at least lead you through.

Always know I am here praying every day for you both. Please keep posting so I know what's going on with you, ok? 


Amy and Sophia

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(((hugs))),cannot imagine

(((hugs))),cannot imagine what you are going through

pls feel free to vent to us,we're all here for you

Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts, everybody.

They must be working. My husband is actually feeling pretty good today and wants to make his famous casserole for dinner tonight. Thanks again.

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Thinking of you and your

Thinking of you and your husband and sending prayers. 42 months with stage IV pancreatic cancer is a miracle! What a fighter he must be, and you as well. I am a nurse, and the last we want to do is fail one of our patients. I am sorry you had to receive the news this way; it must have only added to your hurt and anger.

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Sad news

I'm so sorry for your pain and I pray that some relief will come your way. Your hubby will be in our prayers. My deepest sympathies for your losses.


Peggy and Stoney