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So Chef D got his way

 I walked in to my parent's condo only to find Chef D sleeping on the couch next to my dad.    I guess after weeks of telling him not to get on the sofa and mom's chair they just gave up.   My dad can be pretty strict but even he wasn't a match for a bulldog's stubborness.

We are now in our own place, but had them dog sit a couple of times.  For non-dog people they were quick to offer to take him.    I guess they are under the bulldog spell.


Chef D's Mug Shot

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I will not be denied

That is the bulldog mantra.

My bully converted many a "non dog person". And that Chef D... he's got it going on. I'm not surprised that he's seduced grammy and grampy.

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oh sweetie you don't even

oh sweetie you don't even know the half of it!my dad took care of my archie when i was at work...oh boy did he have him spoiled to the rotten core(my mom as well),let's see: would wake up call archie that grandad is having breakfast so naturally they'd eat together,walk him morning,noon and late afternoon,make sure if lunch was ready archie join them and god forbid archie barked for anything-my dad stood on guard!this coming from the ppl who didn't want any pets in the house-yeah right!lol

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Are you surprised?

Who can resist that adorable face? And couches ARE for sitting on, right? LOL


Cathy & Zimmer