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So all the problems Fatboy has been having is due to really bad

allergies. The Dr. said he is perfectly fine, but isn't dealing with the season changes very well. He also said his cleft pallete isn't bad. I'm so relieved! I will be giving him benedryl twice a day so he can deal with the symptoms. It's just weird to hear that his dry heaving is caused by allergies. I'm glad, but kind of want a second opinion. Is this reasonable considering the symptoms? He was seen by a well known bully vet in SoCal.


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those dreaded allergies!!!my

those dreaded allergies!!!my archie didn't have it as bad only minimal symptoms but still...glad it's just allergies and nothing more serious...!
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Stella had everything BUT allergies

And I was very thankful for it. Hope the benadryl sorts things our for "our" boy!