Slugger's Teeth

How weird is this. I have had numerous bulldogs since we began our love affair with this breed in 1994. I actually had 12 while I was breeding and showing and have never had anything like this happen to one of my bullies teeth. Slugger is 9 and will be 10 in October. He has suddenly grown an extra bottom front tooth. How freaky it looks.. yikes.. So I took him to my vet that really just loves my dogs and he called it a super numerary(not sure that I spelled that correctly.) and said it's no big deal. Nothing to worry about and the it should eventually make it's way out..He still has all of the other teeth so this is not replacing any.. just grew an extra after 9 1/2 years but geez louise it gives me the creeps.. it doesn't line up with the other teeth..just sticks way out.. My poor little baby boy, the love of my life has become a freak. lol The Dr. said he could pull it but if it's not bothering him I don't want to take any unnecessary chances with any I cam e back home on Freaky Friday with my Freaky dog that isn't talking to me. lol

The pics of his extra tooth are posted on FaceBook.                         

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OMGosh!!!  This is so

OMGosh!!!  This is so randomly freaky and funny!  Your reaction to his new weird tooth is just hysterical - I can't even imagine growing a new tooth as an adult.  Slugger, what the heck!!!

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see?that just shows you how

see?that just shows you how special he is!!! lol

smoochies the scrunchy face

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That is strange

aww he's not a freak.  LOL  Just special.  =)