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Hey all. I was just wondering if any of your bulldogs skateboarded? If so when did you start training them and what was it like? The breed seems to take to it naturally and really enjoy it. Plus it looks totally funny :P


We got Brewer one when he was

We got Brewer one when he was 6 months old and he still does not know how to ride it. He gets his first two feet on there, and thats it. He has more fun trying to pull it around, especially into my flowers.


Board stealers

One of the reasons that i dont allow him to walk around without the leash, he loses his mind over skateboards, jumps on them, first eats them and then drives away, never trained him to do it, theyre natural. SHould be the cruiser board, they are wider, longer, easier for the dog to control it. He stole his first skateboard at the age of 8 months, was quiete a surprising moment for me, the kid was in shock, people couldnt believe when he drove away.

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Oh my gosh, I really just had an lol on the bus while reading that. We got our 3 month old a mini skateboard (my fiancé is dead set on getting him to ride one) and he really just chews it. But the fact that your bullie drove away on one is so funny. I'll give the wider boards a try. Thanks guys!