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Sherman update

He was doing really good and going really crazy after a couple of days of his food change and antibiotics so I wasn't sure what was making him better. Well last night I let him have a bully stick and a little bit of a non grain free food just to see and bam.. Hives and scratching and foot chewing and that horrible congestion sound so I'm pretty sure it wasn't the antibiotic helping it really is an allergy thing. I'm still going to finish out the antibiotic anyway but now today after taking away that stick and starting to transition into another natural balance flavor (legume and duck) he is back to playing and being energetic. He does good with the potato and rabbit. No nasty congestion sound but was still doing a bit of paw licking so I'm seeing if this nips the whole thing in the bud. Although maybe it would have went away and just needed more time I'm not sure but either way I'm seeing how this goes and so far so good. Now I have question for you guys.. I keep seeing that some supplement can really help with allergies. Pet store dude gave me a free sample of Nupro and was wondering what everyone thinks. He said it did wonders for his dogs and just gave me some. He said just give the tiny dosage intended for a 5 lb dog just to add some nutrients and slowly increase but still serve less than reccomended and not follow the guide because it can cause diarhea. Let me know all ur opinions and on other ones too if you have a great recommendation. Thanks!


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When trying to find the "culprit"

give absolutely nothing other then what is currently working. No bully sticks, treats, supplements, don't change laundry soaps/cleaners etc., If he seems to be doing well with the rabbit food, why change yet one more time? Let his body recover. Once he stabilizes, then you can introduce something different but one thing at a time.

Good luck and give that cutie a hug from me.


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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Totally agree with Lynn.

Stick to the basics. No treats, supplements, etc, until you have his issue totally under control. 


Amy and Sophia

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A gree.......

been where you are. patience is the best healer, yours, not his.



Mack 'n' Tillie Mae Mack



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I don't know anything about this supplement, but wanted

to send ((( hugs ))) to Sherman, and hope that things get better!  Thank you for the update, annnnd,

I'm sure I speak for everybully when I say we wanna see more piks!!!!  :-)     


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Absolutely Agree w/Lynn

stick to what's working for at least 6 wks before you introduce anything new.

I just find it very shocking that a puppy this young has such horrible allergies. Especially since allergies typically get worse as they age. I would find a good holistic vet and do the minimal shots, worming, flea products, etc that the vets pump and try to find natural ways instead.

Have you had his Rabies shot yet? If not you definitely need to hold off on that until after 6 months.

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remember, it takes 6 weeks to see the total difference from a food, so some residual paw licking could be from the previous food.  I would keep him on whatever was working.  

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Thanks everybody

Sorry have been back to work and not on as often as I like to. Yea I realize I should have just stayed food nazi for longer. We're back to rabbit and potato and he's a lot better agin and being super crazy boy. Nothing else.  I didn't realize six weeks wow that's anwhilemsomthats good then he may be good on this diet well see. Sticking to it strict again. And no he hasn't had rabies and yes I was gonna wait someone advised me on that before too. Is there a specific reason tho? Just curios. But anyway yea he's on the rabbit and potato and clearing up again. I'll just leave it at that for a while. Thanks again. Maybe I'll find a pic now for a funner post. 


-Sherm was here.