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Thursday a week ago we just about lost our baby. He had a regular vet visit and after an hour wait he had worked himself into a mess. Long story short he just about died in the waiting room while my wife was trying to get someone to help. They were really dense there. When she finally got some help the girl tried to take him and weigh him. Needless to say I was not happy. I left work and went down there and he looked awful. He had agrivated his throat and couldn't breath well which caused him to overheat. I made the decision to get him out of there and take him to an emergency vet. He had to have an emergency treach and be intubated. The emergency vet was great and got him feeling better overnight. Then Friday afternoon he had the corrective surgery done. Some soft pallet removed saccules on side of throat and enlarged his nostrils. Got him home earlier this week and he is looking great. Sorry for the late report but I couldn't bring myself to talk about it. Been a nervous wreck. Needless to say I will be finding another regular vet for him.


Jeff in NC

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oh my goodness. that is just

terrible....hope you find another vet....


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That is beyond belief but...

I've been through it myself.  I'm so glad you took your guy to the ER vet and he knew what to do.  We had taken Chester to the park and I don't know if something stung him or he just sniffed up something he was allergic to, but he started having trouble breathing.  We took him home and he didn't get any better, so we took him to an ER vet in our area.  I kept telling them he needed a steroid shot for swelling, but they had to xray first and do all the other unnecessary things, meanwhile he was dying before our eyes.  They finally did the steroid, intubated him and put him on a ventilator and kept him alive until morning and we transported him to a surgeon and he said it was just an extremely elongated palate and swollen saccules, etc.  They did surgery and he's still with us, thank God.  I still get shakey when I think about it, and I'm sure you do too.  It's so easy for them to get stressed and overheated and some vets just don't get it.  Glad your guy is good now.  

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Oh wow!!!no a lil bit about

Oh wow!!!no a lil bit about that but i was so lucky... 

glad you  found a vet who could help!

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O M G!!!!

Yes find another vet and I am so glad that he is OK!!!! I would have been a basket case!!


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What a close call:-(. I am so glad he is ok.

Boy, time to switch vets!! Find a good bulldog knowledgeable vet and don't go anywhere else! Yikes, how very scary for you....


Amy and Sophia

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Wow, SOO happy to hear the good outcome!!! It must've

been SO wonderful when everything got better-----Sorry he had to go through all of that, though  :-(

Give him some ((( hugs ))) from us!  :-)


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So sorry you had to go throw this.

That is scary, I would look on Bulldogsworld Vets and find me a Bulldog Vet. If you have to ask for their e-mail address and then ask them to set up a meeting to talk to you about beeing his vet. I did for my Loulou.