Second Diamond Pet Food Recall - Beware

Hello everyone, Rick asked me to post this as he is unable to with his phone:
On April 30, 2012, Diamond Pet Foods announced another recall of one of its dry dog foods in 12 US states. To learn whether this warning affects you or your pet, please visit the following link:


Do you think the taste of wild salmon is affected?  Parents feed this as well as I, but not sure what totell them to do.....than ks for any input

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It is not affected.

It would be on the recall list if there were any issues with it.

This is a voluntary recall. It doesn't mean that all products are affected, just that there has been an issue somewhere in their manufacturing system and they are taking all precautions to not let it affect any pets, hence the broadening of the recall.


Amy and Sophia

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thanks for posting....I always appreciate these posts....I

am seriously considering making all of Meaty and Sophie's food AND snacks in my's too scary!  :-( 


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