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searching for siblings

I am lookig to see if anybody has any siblings to our bulldog.

sire was Ch Beauties Amos

dam was Ch diamond Rio

we bought ours in southern Ohio 11 years ago.

any help would be great


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BISS Ch. Beauties Amos

is a very well known sire who was sired by Ch. Millcoats Titus. He is know for his beautiful head. My Ester is an Amos granddaughter, Sired by Ch. Glendar's Dylan. Amos was owned and bred by Darlene Stuedemann. I'm not sure if Darlene does much breeding anymore, she does her share of judging and I got the chance to meet her several years ago at our national speciality show in Spokane. She had a look at Ester when she was 6 months old.

Are you looking for littermates? Or are you just looking for another puppy with the same lines as your girl?


I am not sure if the wife and

I am not sure if the wife and I are ready for another bully yet. We just lost ours 12 days ago.

We are trying to see if anybody has any littermates or if any are still alive.

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I'm so sorry for your loss

I understand. Have you tried AKC? You are welcome to email or private message me the breeders name and maybe I could do some checking if I know of them. Unfortunately it is really difficult to find siblings unless the breeder has been able to keep contact with the owners of puppies. Unfortunately owners don't always keep contact with the breeders either.



I had the pedigree wrong

sire is Ch Glendars foolish pleasure

dam is show a bulls diamond rio