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Search for the next new family member..

Hey All, So it is time.... Loo, Steve and I are ready to get another family member to join us.....

What better place to start than the people who know more English Bulldog contacts than the rest of the internet site combined! So anyone know of someone who is expecting a new litter of mutts! We were so particular when we got Loo and Bus wanted Show Quality because we felt that would get us better genetics, but... we want a family member... we wont be showing but we would like to have a healthy happy little boy join our family...

Please shot me a message if you know anyone expecting a litter in the next few months. Thank you all for all the advice over the years.... Cant wait to met my new family member!



-Rose & Loo

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good luck in your search,pls

good luck in your search,pls keep us posted and ofcourse we want pics!