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Save the liver

Even if you don't feed raw, never throw away the liver,from your chickens and if you eat beef liver cut Fido a little piece off to treat him the healthy way.....just not too much at first..........or at once a chicken liver will treat 2 medium dogs.  Won't eat it?  Freeze  on a piece of wax paper then he will.....No don't feed the wax paper.......Buddy and Brother are both 60+ pounds and they get around an ounce each 5 days a week. And it seems to make them happy and frisky and full of play. They have worked up to it cause it is very rich....but it's also very healthy.



Mean people still suck

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I really love liver. We like a lot of different innards and used to eat a lot of it (which we'd share with the bullie.) But my doctor said I had to cut way, way back and now I envy the bulldog who gets to eat some of my favorite foods.