Resuces and shelters affected by Sandy

I saw today that is offering free shipping for anyone wanting to send food to a shelter in the areas affected by Sandy.  I'm not in the area, but I thought that someone on here may be able to recommend a rescue or shelter that I could order food for.  Also, any suggestions of what brand of food is commonly used in shelters?



Otis's Mom (Alison)

I totally agree and

think that we as dog and animal lovers could really help out here. I would be happy to make a donation if we could find out where to send it to. We have a lot of strength in our numbers and I am sure these folks could use our help. Hope to hear more on this.

Thanks for the website to order from. I am also going to...

contact the Long Island Island Bulldog Rescue to offer to foster a Bulldog.


Again, thanks for posting the info about the free shipping to the pets affected by the Sandy storm.