Re-homing dog question

As some may see from a thread below I am in the process of re-homing my dog Lola due to a dog bit to my son. My question is I really am torn about should I still be involved in Lola's life.. If the place that she goes is somewhat close should I visit her? Will this just confuse her and prolong the adjustment phase.. Should I just ask for pictures and updates.. I just dont think I can let her go somewhere else and then that be the end.. I know it would break my heart to have to say bye to her more than once so maybe best to just get pictures and emails on how she is doing.. any thoughts.. thanks

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Let her adjust

in her new home without confusing her. You can ask for photos and updates, but that would be entirely up to the new home. I would suspect rescue does not readily give out adoptee information.

I have only rehomed 1 dog and she went to my sister. I get regular updates when she has done something naughty....LOL! Like getting into a case of bottled water and puncturing several bottles, unbeknownst to them until puddles of water were flooring the floor.

I can tell you she adjusted very well and could care less about me when I see her, she loves my sister.

I agree with Deb

I think it would make the adjustment more difficult for the dog if you visit and then leave without her.

We have adopted 14 dogs in 19 years, ranging in age from 2 years old to 14 years old. They all came here and never looked back. Dogs adjust very well to their new lives.

Good luck


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Thanks for the info...

I guess it was the answer I needed to hear from others as I knew it for myself.. I am not sure why I assume she wont be able to move on and adjust.. Maybe I feel like she is never going to get the best like I gave her but I know that not to be true.. It is hard to think about her living with someone else and being as happy but that is what I need to happy so its kinda bitter sweet.. thanks again everyone.. I sent some more information out to River City they are looking for candidates and I am just cherishing the time we have left..  I know this sounds silly but are there any tips to help owners cope?  I have this overwhelming feeling of guilt that I let her down and that I shouldnt even own another dog.. I spent over 10,000 on her, never left her with anyone who didnt know how to take care of her, feed her the best food, never left her alone during the day for long periods of time.. loved her unconditionally and when my son was born I never stopped giving her the same attention she has before.. I just dont know what went wrong...

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I can tell you how I have been able to cope with the difficult decisions that have come my way. Once I responsibly weigh all the options, and make my choice (trying to do so unemotionally), I don't let my self look back.

If you are convinced that she will be going to a good home, then just let her go.

Responsible pet owners are my favorite people. You surely are one.

No doubt there will be a grieving process for you, but please don't torment yourself for a decision made based on love for all concerned.

I'll be anxious to read how you are feeling a few weeks from now.

Congrats on the new arrival soon to come, also.

Wishing you a peaceful heart,



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thanks that was very sweet of you


During my lifetime I have had several difficult decisions...

to make. I have found each and every time that once I make a decision and go with it I feel much better. The indecision or waffling about what I should do or not do always killed me. With a firm and committed decision came some peace and eventually the ability to move on. I wish you and your family and bully all the best.