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Question about remadal for arthritis

I've almost run out of Remadal for Maybull's arthritis. I can't get her any more until Monday afternoon. Is there an OTC med that I cn use? She's 45-50 lb. What's the dose?


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Someone else will know more, but...........

Maybe a simple aspirin would work for a day? A 325 mg coated Bayer maybe?


Amy and Sophia

Is she only going to miss a day? I know when Sadie

was on Deramaxx (similar to Rimadyl).  I wanted to try a new NSAID.  The vet did not want me giving any other NSAID for 7-10 days which would include aspirin.  I would not give her anything.  Poor baby,  maybe try to keep her quiet until you can get her meds.


My vet said the same thing

I was out of the Rymadil and had Deramaxx, but my vet said don't use them together. She actually said 15 days after the last Rymadil

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Would asparin work? What dose?

Poor baby.

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I gave Norbert an aspirin a day, but he was not on Rimadyl. I was instructed to use the Rimadyl as needed, while using the aspirin. I agree not to use Rimadyl with Deramaxx.

But my vet had no concern using Aspirin along with Rimadyl as needed.

Norbert was about 65 lbs then and he if I remember right was getting an aspirin morning and night.

MacKenzie used to be on Rimadyl daily 50mg 2x. I started him on GLM powder (Green Lipped Muscle) and was able to totally wean him off the Rimadyl. In fact I ran out of GLM for a week and he got so stiff, I was surprised at how much of a difference it has made.

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Mussel not muscle :)

With her weight I would give her 1/2 aspirin morning and evening.

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Thanks, everyone! I knew I could count on BDW.

For me, after Maybull's $3,000 expense with her cardiologist, cost is a concern. I'll look into all of these. Thanks for the advice, everyone.