Okay, went and picked up a 14month old male english bully today for my parents. People gave him away when they realized he was too much for thier autistic daughter. He is big baby and sweet as can be, but he is not house trained or crate trained at all. he is marking their house any help on what to do would be greatly appreciated. also, my dad is home 24/7 due to a disabiity and they already have one english bulldog.

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Short term help

Get a belly band and keep on him in the house. Start crate training him and when he can't be watched keep him on leash with you all the time. Set a timer to take him outside on a schedule. Once he is crate trained then he must be in the crate if he is not being supervised. Start feeding him in the crate with the door open, if he is scared they start throwing treat close to the crate then in the crate and let him go in to get them. Don't shut the door until he is comfortable being in there and eating. Once you can shut the door then only keep him in their for short intervals. Don't let him out if he is crying, he has to be quiet to come out.

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Don't forget to give him lots of praise and treats when he goes outside.

I would also get him neutered as soon as you can. Is the other bulldog a female and is she spayed?

I told them aboutthe belly

I told them aboutthe belly band. He is not neutered yet and she is not spayed yet. Getting him was kind of a surprise out ofthe blue type thing. He doesnt even know what a dog treat or dog food is. THe only thing he will eat is the boiled chicken breasts that they keep in the fridge for a light topping on the food. Getting him into a crate is a comedy show....half of him goes in the crate and then its push to get him in. once he is in, he is fine. he lays down and sleeps. he seems to love women the most. thanks for the help....he goes to vet today for shots and heartworm test.