Question about how old your Bully was when they started to slow down

Hi all. Love your bullies!

We have a 7.5 year old male, who is very loved and pampered. This week, he seemed to be somewhat slow and lethargic (he is healthy, just had a check-up, about 60 lbs.) He's been kind of lazy (lazier than usual), and I was wondering if this is typical in Bully years.

Thanks in advance!

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oh goodness look at those two

oh goodness look at those two lovebugaboos!!!lol
smoochies the scrunchy face

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First of all, what an adorable pic!

My girl slowed down at about 3 - so if your boy has been pretty active up until now, you're really lucky!

Sometimes the weather also affects them, just like us. I remember my Stella would always get a bit frisky in the spring.

Doesn't sound like you have anything to worry about.

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How sweet can you get.

Love your picture what a beautiful child. My girl is four now. She use to bounce off the walls at  two I had her spayed and wow I got the most lazy Bullie after that. Loulou just nor going to put her self out. For anything. Lol my Amercian Bulldog same age still going strong?. So far these two has been my only Bullie. I ever own. 



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Well.......Zimmer will be 10 in April...

and (knock on wood) he hasn't really slowed down too much. He's always loved to sleep. He's an active boy, I pray he stays that way.


Cathy & Zimmer