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Question about aggression as a senior bulldog

My Annie is 9 years old and has severe allergies. She will lick, chew and scratch her skin until it will bleed. I have to be diligent about stopping her from doing it.Lately as she has gotten older she gets aggresssive when I try to make her stop. I basically just put my hand on top of the area she is licking and tell her "No lick". The last few weeks she is trying to growl, snap and bite when I try to get her to stop. I do not know what to do. I do not want the problem to keep escalating. She has always had a wonderful temperment except when getting her nails cut. Some of her licking is obsessive. After she has been aggressive she usually will snap out of it and come up to me to give me a kiss like she is saying sorry. Any suggestions? My first bulldog seemed to get cranky near the end of his life as well, but not to this extent. Thanks

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What kind of relief is she getting for her allergies

Could she just be in distress because of the allergies?

Maybe she gets "in a zone" as you suggest and you are "disturbing" her. That's another thing altogether.

Perhaps ask your vet if he can suggest any additional allergy relief??

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maybe it's her frustration

maybe it's her frustration b/c of the excessive itching...?

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She is on a homecooked rabbit and water buffalo diet. She gets probiotics and ketakonazole for yeast. She was never itchy or had problems until she was put on antibiotics one time. We have been managing for about 4 years now. I think some of it may be her annual shots she just got. Her allergies are worse then. I do think she may be in a zone because she seems sorry after. Any suggestions for itchy yeasty skin

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No more annual shots!

You baby is 9 years old. No need for shots anymore! The new protocol is for every 3 years now. I have not vaccinated my dog since his puppy boosters when he had a terrible reaction and he is 13 now. He also has allergies that was controlled by homecooked meal and antihistamines. Now he is on Temaril P every other day.  I believe your dog is very uncomfortable. Please see a specialist if you can.