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I'm having a problem getting my Penelope to go out for walks, sometimes I have to carry her out side otherwise she refuses to go ! an now that there's snow on the ground she refuses period. she'll go onto the deck an use her grass pad an look around but that's it. when I ask her "want to go for a walk" She runs to her bed or even her house. I understand the snow part cause this is her first experience with snow , but even in the summer Penelope's reluctant to go out. I'm wondering if any one else has had any experience with this type of behavior with their bully baby ? an if so what did you do to correct this behavior ?
I want Penelope to want to go out an enjoy going out. I've tried treats, toys an nothing seems to work. I just don't like forcing her to do anything she doesn't want to do. I thought over time she grow out of this but she hasn't yet an she's just turned 1 yrs old so I need some advice.....Thanks alot


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My bully never liked to walk

Neither as a pup or as an adult. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted a nice walk every day with my girl. But hey...

That said, I still dragged her out for at least a few blocks every day. Penelope needs exercise to be healthy and, if it means forcing her, then you have to (without hurting her, of course). Mine would drag her feet all the way up the street but as soon as I would turn around to go home, she would trot all the way (stinker!). I tried to supplement her lack of walking with lots of playing catch inside the house - that she liked.

A couple of questions: Does she like to play otherwise? Could walking be possibly painful for her (i.e. joint issues)?

One suggestion. Do you have a friend nearby with a dog that you could walk together? The only time my Stella would really enjoy a walk is when the other family dogs were around and we all went out together. Maybe that could work for you too?

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she plays all the time

She loves to play catch an tug of war an she chases her ball a she enjoys it. You described my typical walk with Penelope. she putters along an always looking back towards our place. But on the way back she skips an hops all the way home. lol I'm going to try having a friend come over with their dog an see if it make a difference with her wanting to go out on her own. Hopefully it works cause I'm getting tired of those looks "how can you do this to me" lol
like I said I want her to enjoy her walks......
Thanks again an I'll report back on how it things go


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Ha, ha! Sounds familiar...

The doorman at my building used to rib me, saying "Time to take the dog out for a pull?". That pretty much summed it up, lol!

Yes, having company helped. It's like she didn't want to be left behind.

Give that little lazy bones/drama queen a smooch for me. Memories... :)

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my archie was exactly the

my archie was exactly the opposite...wild horses couldn't bring him inside esp when he was out walking or frolicking in the snow...i remember one winter morning i walked him
before going to work and the snow was atleast ankle deep cos it had freshly fallen taking our usual route we always cut across b/tween the small neighboring park n schoolyard...actually we always ran it across...
someone had stopped to actually look at us...she said your
laughter was so delightful and his bark you guys were really enjoying,
but what my archie really didn't like was rain n puddles-ugh
that's where he needed to be dragged,lol,and he always made it a point to go around puddles!

smoochies the scrunchy face-btw i love the name!

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Maybull loved to walk.

Not so much now that she's an old dog, but she used to love our walks. Our 'regular walks' were about a mile and a half, but our 'long walks' could be two and a half miles. She kept a steady pace, stopping to do business or get petted. When we walked around the lake or down by the Mississippi, she love to go wading – she knew she couldn't swim. I guess this just depends on the dog's personality.

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we consider a block an accomplishment

kibby will always let us know when she is done. she will only walk when tempted with a toy... everyone in our neighborhood always see me having to walk ahead 20 ft, crouch, squeek the toy, and then she will come runnin.. this goes on for the whole block. if she doesnt want to walk, she will lie down and wait for us to come back.. i never walk with my other dog too far without kibby ( i keep her within my sight). kibby is getting older now and slowing down :( ... 9 yrs old- praying to the bully gods that she makes it to 15!! or forever!


sincerely, christine

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Chef loves to walk

Yesterday with windchil is was -12 and we annoyed I wouldn't take him longer than a few blocks.  Sorry dude, but mama is cold.

When he was a little younger I had to pull him. Sometimes I even went as far as throwing the leash down, turning by back and saying good-bye.   He knows "good-bye" means I'm leaving you. He hates to be left.  So he would follow me.  It didn't take long before he knew it was walk time.   Sometimes still the first block is the worse, but after that he just goes with it. Being the attention whore people is his biggest motivator in walking.


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I have a funny story for this :)

When we first got Tucker he was all over the place on his leash but when our dog walker would come over he would give her problems. One day she said to me that he just wouldn't walk at all for her, she had to drag him down the driveway. Well the little stinker would always walk for me and my hubby so one day I just walked him over to our dog walkers house. She was so suprised and could not believe I had walked him the whole 2 blocks away. 

Well I think that day was like me ratting Tucker out, "See she knows you can walk now!". He never gave her any problems since that day. He was a little stinker as a puppy :0

Overall Tucker loves to be outside walking. He loves to smell and investigate the neighbourhood and his bum goes into wiggle mode when we see any human. He also loves to go shopping with us so whenever we go to a store where they allow dogs we take him. Canadian Tire happens to be his fave cuz he looooves the treats he gets!

I agree that you should still take her whether she likes it or not. She's just being a stubborn bully. Good luck and if you ever want to take a doggie for a walk come to Toronto and i'll lend you Tucker!


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