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Puppy Setup (photo)

As you can see from the photo the big dogs liked the puppy pen too.  (they are not locked in there)

So this is an exercise pen with a crate.  The plastic tubing is pvc pipe which helps stabilize the ex-pen.  Small section of newspapers, underneath the papers is a baby crib water proof mattress pad (just in case of accidents).  The gate for the crate is snapped to the expen so it doesn't close.  I had limited space to work with, you could also attach the expen to the crate to give the puppy more room.   That crate is a 20x30 Precision crate (my show crates)

Happy Belated Birthday Zapper

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Puppy pen

I used a 4 x 4 "Cocker" pen--called that because it had a wire floor grate to keep long haired/long eared breeds off the ground. I used heaavy rubber stall mats cut to fit across the bottom and then newspaper under the grate. I left a 2 x 2 area of the grate uncovered without the rubber mats.  It was amazing that in no time the little puppies would walk off the rubber mats onto the grate to do their "business"--rarely had an accident. They had a soft pad to sleep on and lots of toys. I liked that I could raise and lower the floor to make caring for the pups easier as they grew. The rubber mats gave them very good footing and were easily cleaned. If I had more than 5 pups I would use 2 pens.

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Puppy Pen - For after puppies are 9 wks

Yes Miriam, the litter was raised in the puppy pens you are referring to, up until they were 9 weeks. We had a litter of 7 so 2 pens were used. They do learn quickly what side of the pen to use. It is so helpful to new puppy buyers when breeders have taken care to start the puppies potty training at 3/4 wks.

This is the setup I use for after the puppies are 9 weeks and would recommend for a new puppy buyer. I wouldn't recommend a pet owner buy a breeder puppy pen.

Thanks Deb!

for future reference!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)