puppy food

NEED ADVICE-We just got our first bulldog puppy and I am trying to figure out what is the best dry dog food.  I have him on a all natural dry puppy food and what to make sure that is good.  

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You really don't need to put a bulldog puppy on puppy food...

you can transition him to a good quality adult or all stages food and he will do fine.  We prefer grain free foods, less allergies to worry about.  We use duck/potato but salmon/sweet potato is also good.  Natural balance, taste of the wild, wellness are all good brands.  Congratulations on your puppy!

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Low Protein

Yes you don't need a puppy food, but I would keep him on whatever the breeder was feeding and transition over 2-4 weeks.  Try to stay around 24% protein.

I personally feed a raw diet, so I can't help much with kibble.  But when I was feeding kibble I fed Grain free "Now" with good results. Protein source was Duck and Turkey.

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I agree with Kathy and Deb. No puppy food really needed.

I brought my pup onto an adult dog food when she was 10 weeks old. I fed her a grain free food then but have since started feeding a food with grains in it. She is not prone to grain allergies though.


Amy and Sophia