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Anyone use canned pumpkin on a regular basis? I am going to experiment with it for Rebel. He's having some diarrhea from the Palladia treatment for his hemangiosarcoma. I would like to try pumpkin to see if that helps (versus having him taking Imodium a lot). Just wondering how much you feed. I'm seeing large variances on the Internet from 2 tablespoons a day to 2 tablespoons per 10 pounds of body weight --which would be 10 for Rebel. I'm not going with 10; his appetite isn't awesome and we've been struggling to keep weight on him, so I don't want to waste any tummy room on low calorie foods. Thanks.

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I've never used pumpkin, but...

I've followed the canned pumpkin sagas for the last 10 or so years and most people feed only a couple of tablespoons per dog, not per pound. You may get other advice and if someone has direct experience, you might want to follow that. From what I've read on bulldog forums, a couple of tablespoons in the kibble should help.

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We use it and...

just put a heaping tablespoon on their food and then stir it in.  Our guys love it and it really does help loose stools and/or constipation.

I have used it.............

and it has helped.  I just put a couple tablespoons mixed in with the food.  I hope it helps.  It is certain worth a try.


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Thanks all. I will start off

Thanks all. I will start off with a couple of tablespoons.

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I've used pumpkin with my bulldog and it really helped.  Just as everyone else said, I would just add one heaping tablespoon to her kibble (twice daily).  She thought it was a treat and loved it!