Poor Titus swallowed a rib bone....whole

Titus is my wife's first dog. I have owned many dogs over the years.

That being said, we sat down to a pork rib dinner last night. Titus was in the dinning room with us and doing his pathetic, 1000 yard stare of hunger.

Now, we do not feed Titus at the table. Titus gets his dog food and an occasional treat, but that is it. Well, my wife decides Titus needs a rib.....

All I remember is her saying, "OMG.....it's gone!". I said, "What's gone!". You can probably imagine how the situation deteriorated from there.

Titus, 17weeks old and 27.2 pounds managed to swallow a 4.5 to 5 inch rib bone, whole. He just did his Hoover Vaccum thing and SUCK.... You know, these dogs do not eat like pigs. Pigs tend to chew. Bulldogs eat like ducks.

Once I determined what had happened, we made a bee line to the emergency vet, with my wallet already aching. The vet was extremely nice and we where seen fairly quickly. They took an X-RAY and all the technician said was, "wow." That rib bone showed up plain as day, sitting in Titus's stomach. We had to leave our little guy there overnight for observation. Funny thing was, Titus was just his merry self, playing and doing his thing. We gave him lots of love and left the little guy in the vet's care.

We came back today and we got to watch the entire proceedure. That is why I love this vet. We saw the anesthesiologist knock Titus out, explaining everything as she went. Poor Titus had his toungue hanging out after he went to sleep.

Then the vet went in with a scope and sure enough there was the bone, plain as day. We got to watch on the scope's monitor, which was pretty cool. He then inserted a little wire that had a retractable lasso at the end. The lasso'd that sucker and gently pulled the rib bone out. Whew!

That was a VERY expensive rib bone....1350.00 for everything. But worth every penny to see our little guy up and around again.

And yes, my wife now understands why you cannot feed puppies rib bones.

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im glad he is ok!!!

i was scared when you started the story! thank goodness he is ok. give lots of hugs please.


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Holy, scare you to pieces,

glad your story turned out well.


Bella and SyAnn~

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My heart

was up in my throat at the beginning.  So glad its out and he's ok!


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Geezzz!  That was one expensive rib dinner!  Glad your baby is OK!!!  What a scare!


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Holy Pig Bones Batman, that was a close call!

Sheesh, nope, no bones at all for dogs! not unless they are raw ones, and monitored closely at that! Glad to hear Titus is ok and all went well. Your poor wife must have been devastated! Give that girl a hug from all of us!


Amy and Sophia